Sensor array for 3D rendered mesh

Hi team,
It’s kind of an excuse to play with some toys, but we’re thinking of buying a house and it will need a lot of renovations. I’m wanting to set up a sensor rig on my rover and I was hoping you clever people could help me out.
I want to image the house inside and out, so that I can make a rendered 3D mesh and explore it in VR, and maybe even play around with the design etc.

Does the following sensor array make sense to collect the data?

  • Two slamtech A2 LiDAR rigs to scan on the x and y axis
  • A RunCam Split 2s
  • And some sort of thermal sensor so that I can ID any leaks

I’m also not sure what I’d use to turn the data I collect with the rig in to the rendered 3D environment for VR.

Huge ask, and I assume I’m biting off potentially more than I can chew, but It’ becoming a bit of a challenge for myself now, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,