Sending mavlink via 3DR/RFD radio and convert it to Taranis?

There are many solutions that show how to send mavlink to a Taranis via the Taranis telemetry link on 2.4Ghz

The problem is that they all involve converting mavlink to frsky telemetry, and sending that back over a weak back channel if you’re using the 2.4Ghz Frsky receivers.
I’m using openlrs, so that’s not going to work.
Now, there are hacks with openlrs to do the same thing (gitsly branch passes mavlink), but same problem, my telemetry back channel is low power and I lose it very quickly (maybe 1km) while the openlrs signal can be received over 40km allegedly.

I have RFD900 telemetry radios, I guess it would be nice to use that back channel which ought to work much fartther, to send mavlink (I already do), and split the serial signal on the ground station, and send a copy to my Taranis serial port input (via the serial pins on the openlrs module).
Is that possible at all? crazy?
Is there another way to do long range telemetry back to an Frsky taranis?


I am so glad I came across your post. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to figure out. My setup is a scratch built, large, quad. I’ve had the goals of making it high endurance/long range.
I’m currently using an x9d+ paired with x8r. FC is Pixhawk. I’m using a Craft&Theory “adapter” that converts Mavlink data from the Pix, runs through and picks up data from a 6s Lipo cell monitor and into X8R’s SPort.
I have an EzUHF that I used initially but as I have continued to build and modify, I really like the Telem info on the Taranis Screen. I’ve modified the Tx antenna to a 7db patch which helped considerably wirh range but still only get about 1/2 mile LOS @ 400’AGL. I miss the range of the ezUHF.
Have you made any progress? I’ve even looked into putting the smallest/lightest (1w) wifi booster on one of the Xr8’s antennas.
Sorry that was kind of a ramble. I’m really anxious to figure out something where I can continue to see Telem on Taranis with audible alerts and at semi long 5-10mile ranges.
Thank you!!

It’s been a year, but as luck would have it, I’m just looking at this again myself.

The better solution I found so far is to keep mavlink as serial, send it to the receiver’s serial RX/TX link, then pick it up on the TX module side, and feed that RX/TX back into the taranis after converting mavlink to frsky.
I don’t know if youcan do that with EzUHF but if you manage to pass serial data to your transmitter module, then look at this:

ignore the uLRS part, basically it allows you to put a teensy on the TX side, get that mavlink data and convert it to frsky telemetry before feeding it into your S-port.

Note that I have just read all of this, but not actually done any of it yet, mostly because I can’t use uLRS, and I’m not sure that the gitsly branch of openlrsng will work for sending RX/TX data to my TX module (but I’m hoping to try)