Sending Data from Notebook(Linux) to Quadcopter


I’m not 100% sure if this is the right section to ask this question but I’ll try.
I have a project where I have to build up a communication between a Notebook and a Quadcopter. To be more precicely between a TurtleBot and a Quadcopter. But the Bot works with a Notebook.
In this case the intelligence should be on the Notebook and the Quadcopter is passive.
Well, first of all I’m using the 3DR Radio set(433MHz) for the communication.
But now I need to know how to send Data to the Quadcopter. And I don’t mean like the mission planner.
I want to control the Quadcopter like I would do it with a remote controller, but with my Notebook.
Is there any Open Source Protocoll that can be used, or do any of you have an idea how to realize this?