Selecting autotune in mission planner

What am I missing I’m copter 4.0.3 and want to run an autotune but it seems Mission Planner has changed since I last setup an autotune.I see the channel 7-10 drop down boxes where 7 and 8 use to be but there isn’t anything to select on the drop-down boxes now.Thanks for any help

You should be able to set it as a flight mode. I’d also check to see if you have the latest mission planner.

I do have the latest version of mission planner. So I can just set it as one of the flight modes take off in stabilize and switch to the Autotune flight mode when as a comfortable altitude?

Yes you can. Also if you have no drop downs in the chan 7-10 update the the latest MP beta.

Typically I set autotune to channel 8. Then take off in stabalize, get to where I want then flip to POSHOLD. Once I am stable I will flip the autotune switch.

you can set the rc8_option to autotune in the parameters…

I installed the beta version of Mission Planner and now have the available options in the 7-10 drop down boxes. Thanks all