Second 5V analog airspeed sensor on Pixhawk?

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I have this kind of problem - I have two 5V analog airdspeed sensors MPXV7002DP. One of them is connected to ADC 6.6V Pixhawk port and works well. And I need to connect another one to make them work at the same time.

According to insturction HERE there is only one port left - Virtual Pin 102 allowing up to 9.9V. But I power up my servos by ESC BEC and use this rail, so I think it’s not possible to read analog signal from these ports?

Maybe it might be possible to connect my arspd sensor to ADC 3.3V? (How come they put 5V supply on this port if it supports only 3.3 ADC ??!!). And in THIS topic eventually (the last reply) the petitioner was told: [quote]they will take a 5V signal[/quote] So maybe it won’t burn, but just won’t show the full range of scope?

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According to tridge in the plane firmware release post:

The dual airspeed is not supported by the firmware yet:
“so the only main sensors we don’t support two of now are the barometer and the airspeed sensor. I fully expect we will support dual baro and dual airspeed in a future release.”

But I’m not asking it from firmware point of view. My question is - whether I can connect another analog 5V signal to the board (and supplement the code for my needs) or not. It’s a hardware issue.

But thank’s for reply anyway.

And nobody else can give me an advice about that? =(