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Seagull #REC2 Camera Controller Lua Script For Herelink

Further to MadRC Ian’s great post ’ Seagull#REC Camera Controller Lua Script For Herelink
here is a LUA script update for the Seagull #REC2.
Changes for the #REC2 include SBUS connection and USB power supply. The script adds Manual Photo, Camera on/off and Timelapse.

Setup instructions and the LUA script are here #REC2 (204.1 KB)

Hopefully it will work for you.

If I click on the setup instructions it says: “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Try this

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Thx, seems to work now!

Did you get it to work?

Not yet, I just wanted to take a look at the code, so I can help my own camera triggering solution.

Hi Peter,

I’m an Arducopter & Herelink newbe. I’m trying to setup your script with Solex and arducopter V4.0.4 but no luck so far. Pressing the camera button does not trigger the camera at all. It seems to change the flight mode.



Hi Esai
It looks like you haven’t configured the Herelink buttons. You need to create a Button Profile as described here.
Use the ‘HereLink Button Setup’ values as in the help file. Make sure you save the profile and it is loaded when using #REC2.
Also when changing the parameters in Mission Planner make sure you write them to the cube.
You need to get all the steps in the help file correct to make it work.
Best of luck.

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