Script to avoid and collision using ADS-B in python to Mission Planner

Hi Everybody

I´m a begginer in python.
I want to make a script that can tracks the position (latitude, longitude) and altitude of airplanes from the (or other), compares to the present position and altitude of the drone in the Mission Planner and make it returns to the launch.
I have a receiver antenna ADS-B RTL SDR, but I don´t know how to obtain these informations of the airplanes (I just see the airplane in display). That´s why I what obtain this from a site.

Can someone help me?

Thank you

Why not grab a cheap ADB-S receiver dongle, plug it into MP and you have display and avoidance as well.

Hi, Eosbandi

I did it, but it did not work. The virtual uav continues its route without avoid. I configured the Mission Planner to the uav returns to the launch (RTL) for example. There´s not a real drone, but a virtual drone in SITL (mavproxy).