Screen fills with "garbage" in terminal mode

When I open the com port while in mission planner’s terminal mode, the screen starts filling with “garbage” and I am not able to stop this and establish a normal communication with the APM.
The attached screenshot shows what is happening.
I have already cleared the EEPROM and done the software installation again (for trad. heli), but with the same result.

If you are using ArduCopter v3.2 firmware, the CLI function has been removed from this version and what you are seeing on your screen is the result of the CLI function removal.

Thanks for your answer TCIII.
But if the CLI functionis removed, how do I communicate with theAPM amd how can I download log files?

On the main Mission Planner screen, bottom left, you’ll see a tab for “DataFlash Logs”. Then in there, there’s a button for “Download DataFlash Log Via Mavlink”. Click that, it should work (I don’t use APM anymore).