School Project, Advice needed! APM 2.6

Hey guys,
a group of friends and I are planning to use the APM board 2.6 to control a Quadcopter that we are building for school. Since we are all new to the RC space I wanted to ask what parts are required and if you can give us any recommendations since we are on a tight budget.
The part that really concerns me is a way of powering the board.

The parts that I have picked out so far are:

APM 2.6 Board:

Ublox 7 Series Mini GPS w/Compass for APM2.6 APM2.8 Flight Controller Multirotor: [19€]

and a stabilizer for the board.

Please don´t wonder the € prices, I´m from Germany :smiley: .

Thank you for answering,

The radio gear would be the next biggest purchase, a Tx and Rx.
There are some usable budget items available and as you are using an APM2.6 then standard PWM output is what you need.
4 motors with 4 ESC’s to drive them.
Thats the basics.

To power the APM it would probably be best to get a Battery Monitor module, as this will will also give you data about your battery so you can set up your failsafes.
You could use ONE of the ESC’s BEC supply (only one) if you get ESC’s with a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) but the Battery Monitor would be a better idea.

Read through the Wiki, there are step by step instructions there that you need to follow to have good success.

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You are on the right track.
Here you go from my blog:

Since I do not have a motor link, any 2212 motors will do for a project.
On the motors you choose, make sure if you have CW and CCW motors, get self tightening propellers or propellers that use propeller nuts that are CW and CCW.
If the propeller adapters all tighten the same way, then self tightening propellers are out of the question.

A lot with my group also prefer the “red wrapper” Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

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