SCALED_IMU and AHRS Differences

What are the differences between the various SCALED_IMUs and AHRS?

I thought they’d be the SCALED IMU outputs of the various IMU systems, but it seems only SCALED_IMU2 and 3 are output. What happened to SCALED_IMU? Are there notable differences between SCALED_IMU2 and 3?


  • What are the differences between AHRS, AHRS2, and AHRS3? AHRS2 and 3 seem to have completely different fields than AHRS.
  • The documentation says that AHRS2 uses the EKF so is it only output when EKF is used (which should now be the default).
  • Looking at AHRS2 from tlogs, altitude, longitude and latitude are all zeroed. What can cause this?
  • AHRS3 Altitude, Longitude and Latitude seem to be filled correctly. Is there an issue using this if it’s marked as for an R&D Group?

In General, is there a wiki page that explains differences like these?

Ben Artes

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Did you find some info about this?

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