Saving Joystick settings fails

Hello there. Not sure if this is an issue with the 4.0 or not. In any case it currently doesnt save the settings for the buttons (right coloumn). I did check if it writes it to the local folder and yes, it does (time stamp).
This logitech joystick controller just worked 5 days ago… strange that it suddenly doesnt work anymore!
Any ideas?

Just that it wouldn’t have anything to do with the Ardupilot firmware but in any case you posted in the Arducopter thread and you are running Rover. Mission Planner issue if anything. That said I just tried my Logitech game pad with Rover and it works. Maybe just re-assign the buttons.

Yeah, must be something with the latest MP update… will remove from arducopter… was supposed to be in Ardurover… not sure what happened\