Sat count and hdop not visible after firmware upgrade

Hello! Trying to have an RTK fix with a combo of F9P base & Rover from Drotek.

Having fw 1.13 from ublox site. I’m getting 3D fix with gps status 3, also got gps status 4 showing 3D dgps.

EKF stays red and when tried to arm the aircraft it showed an error about num sats.

I’m not getting any sat count or hdop metric in mission planner.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks a lot

To reply to my own question, the problem to the never receiving sat count and hdop was with the NAV-SOL message.

I had followed configuration instruction found on drotek docs where was instructed to enable the NAV-SOL message.

Problem is that i did not have the option to enable it. So i skipped that step.
After a little research found that on the F9P i had to enable the ubx-nav-pvt instead.

Pixhawk now sees sat count and hdop, ekf is ok and poshold is engaged!

My new question now is why never got RTK fixed? The only status i’m seeing is GPS Status 4 : 3D dgps