S900 Pixhawk all ESC's blink and flash

Thanks for the help in advance. I am trying to install the Pixhawk on a DJI S-900 frame. All of my ESC’s flash and beep. Obviously, during the calibration they appear to only be flashing and beeping so I don’t know if the calibration is doing anything. It appears that I may have the wrong firmware or frame type because the beeping and flashing have the same symptoms as if you selected the wrong frame type using the old A2 controller. Is it possible that I have an incorrect power setup using the Mauch HS-200?



Not sure about your exact setup and in which situation you are observing the beeping (and I don’t own an S900), but I believe it is normal for the ESCs to beep continuously after powerup until you press the saftey-switch. In the default ArduCopter setup the ESCs do not get any PWM signal from the flight controller (due to the safety being engaged), once you press the safety switch the FC routes a basic PWM signal to the ESCs which causes the ESCs to stop beeping.

Thank you Christian. That is a great explanation of what is occurring and I didn’t know that, however, I can press the safety switch and arm the copter. The ESC’s are still blinking and beeping. Thanks for the reply and information.

Okay. The problem is fixed. I am a newbie and still stupid. The ESC wires at the control board were reversed. Man, do I feel dumb! I have JR connectors instead of Futaba connectors that would have eliminated that problem.