S1000 PDB - How is this working?

How does the Power Distribution Board on the s1000 work? Is it like an engine, where it fires in a firing order? In other words, does it matter which esc is plugged into which port on the PDB?

The reason I am asking is I bought a used s1000 condition unknown. I was relieved when I found out that they had already moved the 8 arms around for ccw and cw motors to be in the right places, and the wires are right. It works. The strange thing is that when they moved the arms, they left the plugs plugged into where they originally were on the PDB. So each motor main power connector is stretched to the opposing one next to it. Can I move the wires to route more as intended, or do they need to be plugged in like spark plugs, with some outputs on the PDB being used for CW or CCW or something.

It’s all settable via parameters, so you can make whatever physical output have whatever function you need assigned to it.
I’d suggest reading https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-rcoutput-mapping.html and having a go setting things up, and come back with any questions/challenges