Running python scripts remotely

I have a Raspberry Pi + Navio2 quadcopter drone and I’d like to know: is it possible for me to execute scripts at a time of my choosing DURING flight while the drone is 1km away? Obv SSH is not possible due to the large distance but can this be done via radio telemetry? I am specifically looking to execute scripts that interact with the Pi Camera I have attached to it.

Yes of course it is possible, the scripts need to constantly ask the ardupilot where it is, and when ardupilot is at the desired location the scripts will execute some predefined commands. No telemetry involved. Just some small coding required.

Have you looked at lua scripting? It runs in the ardupilot itself.

I want it to be only semi-autonomous. I want to execute scripts that take input and also have the ability to execute the scripts as the drone is flying 1km away. Similarly to how Mission Planner on my laptop gives commands to the RPi+Navio2 via radio telemetry, I also want to execute (by radio) python scripts that are saved on the SD of the RPi.

Hey Jon,

Did you figure this out? I’d like to do something similar.