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RunCam Split 2 control?

iNav, betaflight, and other systems allow pilot to start recording, stop recording, change camera mode, etc. from the flight deck. The RunCam Split 2 protocol is very simple and documented on the RunCam web site. Any chance we might see this in ArduPlane and ArduCopter someday?

It looks to me that it would be much more simple and efficient to hack the two switches on the RunCam Split 2 and use two outputs of the autopilot . In that way you will need only 2 radio channels instead of 3 .
All without writing a single line of code.

One could do that, however:

  1. That only solves the problem for one pilot, and does little for everyone else wanting to control a RunCam from ArduPilot.
  2. Camera control is only going to get richer, and why not lay the foundation for full control like I have today with DJI Go4 app and my Phantom 4 Pro? Hardware hack does nothing to close that gap.
  3. This strikes me as somewhat similar to recent implementation of BLHeli32 ESC control and telemetry. These cameras and ESCs are in essence special-purpose companion computers. Mechanical communication is fairly hammer and chisel.


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This is another cheap option.

Because you cannot claim to have the same things you have with DJI, since DJI has 6000 employees and DJI revenu in 2017 was 2,83 billions, Ardupilot a bit more less :slight_smile:

I suggested a solution, with Implicit link, you have two, if you do not like it , learn how to deal with software, make it and share it , your contribution will be welcome.

Don’t get me wrong: I am a fan of David, not Goliath, of Luke and Hans, not Darth et al. I use the P4P professionally, as it’s the best flying camera < $2k that works consistently, and pairs well with Pix4D. At the same time (work hat off) I am rooting for the open source heroes to advance the technology to equal or exceed that of Goliath.

I appreciate your mechanical solution. Sorry if my reaction masked my appreciation. I think the remote cable is a good interim solution for me, and I am intrigued by helping develop/port the SmartAudio functionality to ArduPlane. Spinning up now on all the git/waf/etc. knowledge it takes to be able to contribute some day…


Hi, i have this rc2 cord. Somehow i cannot make runcam split 2 to react when this cord connected to servo output of pixracer. Is it expected to work from signal on RCOU ? I mapped rcin channel 14 to it, radio is setup fine, i see values from 982 to 2005 range on ch14 switch, runcam seems to be ignoring it. Is it only working, that cable, if connected directly to frsky receiver?

it would be possible to implement since other open source controllers support this function?
I do not know how to program anymore I can help to test

Hi, I am ready to pay reasonable amount for the feature to be implemented. If you are able to do it - contact me, please.

it seems that there was no ovulation to implement this control and smartaudio would also be a good resource

I would like to add to this request for Run Cam control in ArduPilot over a UART. RunCam has discontinued the Remote PWM - Serial cable that was listed above and you cannot buy it anywhere anymore. They are also going to discontinue the PWM support in the firmware in newer models. This leaves camera start stop record control with only one option from the FC. Betaflight has implemented this and i do hope eventually Ardupilot will implement this. All my new building is now completely dedicated to QuadPlane etc.

I am going to have a go at this with a cheap F103RC dev board.

With some modification we can probably adapt to for RC control as well but I plan to use it through QGround control as per the video.

I have fixed this in this PR

@andyp1per This is great. I have established Mavlink control through a microstorm32 board but this will be well received in the fixed wing fpv community.

Good day, do you mind share the correct scheme for wire the storm32 with runcam coz i would like use it.

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