Runcam Camera Control not initializing on Matek F405-CTR

The Omnibus F4 in my Nano Talon died so I replaced it with a Matek F405 - CTR and hooked up the Runcam Hybrid to Serial 4 and it is not working. I am using a custom build of 4.3 Plane with the Runcam feature included.

Previously this has worked fine on the Omnibus F4 Pro. It is not a wiring issue. I am not seeing in the bootup messages a Mavlink message indicating that a UART camera is active. I should see this this even if no camera is connected and the feature is enabled on a UART – I have tested this on 4.3 Dev and another Omnibus F4 Pro which gives a Mavlink PreArm warning: Camera Not Ready.

@andyp1per it does see that some boards will not run this feature even though they are flashed with firmware that has the feature included. Not sure what else to try here. Any ideas? Really odd.

The UART message is really early, so you may not see it. Did you set the camera type correctly? The hybrid has two uart ports - which one did you connect to?

Yes. All of that is correct.

I noticed that when I tested another omnibus F4 Pro I had it gave me a pre-arn warning that the camera was not ready. That is a recurring message and it is not dependent on any physical UART connection. I may just abandon this FC. It has other issues. The current and voltage monitoring is not working and the STM32 Chip gets too hot to touch – although it has flown successfully.

Sounds dodgy, might be worth trying a different one

I think it is Matek’s legendary QC at work here! I appreciate their efforts at pushing the form factor design but sometimes the QC is hit and miss. Never seen a STMF405 get almost too hot to touch. The shunt resistor scaling/value seems to be off by a factor of 100! The resistor is hot to touch with only 200ma drawn from the battery. This may be the worst FC I have ever tried. Amazed it flew.