RTL without GPS Mode

Hi Guys

Just wondering there’s a way of recording a flight without GPS.
Ideally, I’d like to add my own flight mode (https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/apmcopter-adding-a-new-flight-mode.html) that makes my drone capable of retracing its steps back to the launch point.

E.g. if I’d to takeoff to 10m, accelerate for 10 seconds at 10 m/s then activate this new flight mode my mode would do the following:

  1. It would know the opposite of accelerate is decelerate and would decelarate for 10 seconds at 10 m/s.
  2. It would also know the opposite of taking off/increase altitude is to decrease the altitude therefore would land.

Any thought or insights would be greatly appreciated.


yes, you can do that by integrating the accels. It will not be precise.

Pull-requests for such a flight mode are welcome.

PS. You do understand how complicated it is to do this, right?

Yes I do, I know it will be hard but this will be the easy part of the algorithm because I would like to implement shortcuts. I.e. once it knows how to retrace steps, start cutting out steps to get to the launch point quicker - a more direct route.

Is there any helpful docs for storing the route that would help to get me started?

Yes, read the source code for smart RTL. it’s part of the ardupilot source code.

Thanks @amilcarlucas

There’s dead reckoning in Plane and here’s a demo

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