RTL Setup on 2.6

Newbie to the APM 2.6 board on a hex. Everything is working fine, but I cannot seem to get through the RTL setup and have it operate as per the test procedure. Failsafe is active but cannot see anything happen when the DX-7 is shut off (using an orange rx). Low end of throttle shows 987 and all other functions have been calibrated. Is LOW throttle setting satisfactory? Tried all kinds of variations with FS Pwm.

Any thoughts out there?

This is the Trad Heli forum, you will probably have more help in the appropriate forum (3.1?)

But, I’ll try to help anyway:

I think the issue might be that your Throttle Failsafe value of 987 is too high. By default, it should be below 975 to invoke FS RTL. However, you can change that. There’s a parameter called FS_THR_VALUE, which you could increase to maybe 995 or 1000. That should then invoke RTL with a thr value of 987.

I thank you for the info. Everything is fine now and I appreciate your help.