RTL goes in circles?

I’m looking for a solution to a RTL problem…

I Loaded 3.0.1 on my hex (formerly 2.0.1b)m now when I select Return to Launch (RTL), the hex goes to 15 meters as it should and flies toward home, however it overshoots and begins to rapidly circle (toilet bowl)

In 2.9.1b RTL worked… it would descend to 2m as programmed with no drama.

In 3.0.1 I’ve had to catch it before it hits something

Yes, I have calibrated the compass.

Any ideas?

I have been experiencing the same issue. Also running 3.0.1. I have not managed to find much information on line regarding this issue. Any auggestions?

Related to “IN”, inertial navigation enhancement implemented with 3.0.x.
It is VERY sensitive to Z axel vibration. I have the same issue, not just RTL, but Loiter also, mode using GPS.
The issue for me is when I check Z vibration on testing benchmark, looks good and compassmot < 10%. Then I fly and after a couple of minute of perfect fly in Auto or Loiter. And at some moment, maybe because vibration level is changing (when yaw, or throttle, etc), it start to have the toiletbowl effect.
What is strange for me is that even in benchmark testing all looks good, I can not trust a perfect RTL.
The big issue is that RTL with toiletbowling will take a LOT of resource (battery) and you battery will be drain faster. I use to have my FPV prepared and if RTL does start bowling, then I sent in AltHold and fly back by FPV, but I can not more thrust an real autonomus Auto mission