RTL Flight Mode

Is there a way to specify a simple flight mode with an RTL command? I know I can tell the craft to Yaw towards home on RTL but I want to be able to recover the drone even if it is spinning out of control.

If it spinning out of control won’t you take over in loiter or ALT-hold. Don’t see why you are leaving it in RTL.

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Yea, RTL is not what you want if it’s spinning out of control. Stabilize, full opposite Yaw and try to get it to the ground.

Even better - simple mode. And let the controller do it’s thing

Thanks for the response but you really aren’t answering my question. I simply want to know if it is possible to choose a simple mode in the RTL mode. I;m building a tricopter and I understand the tail rotor has a tendency to strip gears, thus rendering YAW useless. With a simple mode I won’t need to worry about the yaw.

No, currently it is not possible. You will need to manually switch to simple flight mode bring back the craft and land it manually.

It won’t hold heading with Simple Mode enabled if the tail servo has failed.

Any idea what tail rotor weight tolerance would be good for a 450mm tricopter with 14" blades? I’ve got a Lobot 17kg servo I can try first, but they come in hardier weight tolerances, 30kg, 60kg, etc. This is a 1 off design and I really don’t want to crash because of a failed servo.

I have not built a Tri-copter but what motors and what battery power?