RTL failed, model lost

Hello all.

This is my first post and unfortunately im after a bit of advise.

I was out flying today and I reached the edge of my controllers range, the plane went into a circle mode as setup in the failsafe to do so (could see the flight mode on the OSD of the video). the mode then switched to RTL however it continued to circle so and not to the position of where it got GPS lock when I switched the model on.

while it was in RLT it lost GPS lock and went back to circling mode the GPS lock then came back in and it switched back into RTL mode but then started to fly away from me.

my question is, the fact that it lost GPS while in flight and regained it would the APM take this position as its RLT position. as the model didn’t come back to the first lock position.

I haven’t found the model and I think the chances of finding it are very slim to nil, so I cant provide any datalogs. the blue light for GPS lock was on before I took off.

In arming settings I didn’t have it check for GPS lock. however I would have thought that if the blue light is solid on then the GPS lock is good.

any help would be appreciated apart from fitting a gsm gps tracker haha.


I always run my rovers, boats, and planes with telemetry so at least I can have an idea of what went wrong even if I cannot recover the vehicle to retrieve the data flash log.

Sorry to hear about your loss. I am not an expert, but your theory sounds like a good one. I always contemplate pros and cons of putting my name and email on a plane before I put it in the air. There would be situations where being anonymous is better.

Maybe if you have the config settings from your plane there might be a setting, such as flight modes, that could give some info.

Cheers for the advise guys. yeah its not until something like this happens i then thought should have done this and that.

Good idea about the telemetry i hadn’t thought of that one.

There again something that’s thought of afterwards i didn’t save a config file for the setup i just set it up directly to the APM and not save the config locally on the laptop,

In case it happens again i have bought a mini DVR and will be recording the video with the GPS co-ords on the OSD from now on.