RTL and AUTO mode not working

Good Evening,

In a fairly new hexacopter build (it has 4 flights mostly in Stabilize and Loiter) running Arducopter 4.0.3, i tried today for first time RTL and AUTO.
(not my first build, not my first time using AUto and Rtl but first time with this craft
and arducopter 4.0.3)

While in complete flight having more that 12sat and always 3dfix i came across two problems

  1. Switching to RTL simply stops the copter in place, hovering, in a stable altitude
    and never returns to Land. ( parameters are set up for landing). On this flight tried two times. In the previous flight tried with smart-rtl same response.

  2. Switching to Auto during Loiter flight completes only the first waypoint.
    In this specific log it had reach wp1,then stops and loiter indefinitely above wp1.( until i changed to Loiter mode)
    I had waypoint radius 1m and i also tried Delay time 1 sec and 0 sec (didn’t changed anything). In previous flight i setted up take off command first and then the same 4 wps. It again executed only the take off command that time.

At the following link(we transfer) is the log .bin from the flight

Please any suggestions are welcomed,
Thank you in advance.

Anyone, to suggest something?

The file is no longer available for download.

Check WP NAV SPEED is not set to zero, that will have those effects.

sorry, timed out.
I re-uploaded it to the following link

I cannot edit the first post

Could be,but i checked and my WPNAV_speed is 500.

I noticed in a new log from yesterday flight that TPX and PX remains constant when i switch to RTL.
Is this a normal behavior? (i think not).

Can you send me a log of yours with RTL or AUTO mission to check these parameters?


Was this sorted out? If so how did you get the RTL to work?
I’m using ac 4.0.3 on a helicopter, my auto missions are working fine including auto take off and waypoint navigation, but after the last waypoint, it returns back home and hovers at 15mts. It dosent descent immediately. but after maybe 2 or 3 mins (its random sometimes its 1min, sometimes2mins and sometimes its 3mins) its lands.
Is it the firmware? or i’m doing something wrong?


You will have to post a link to the .bin flight log file. If you have a Traditional Helicopter create a post in that thread.