RTK GPS for Multicopter


I’m putting together an S1000 with a Pixhawk 1 and would like to add RTK GPS to the system for enhanced location accuracy.

The Emlid Reach kit seems like it integrates easily with Pixhawk, but I was concerned about the system using the telemetry radio to also send RTK corrections to the rover. Does this cause latency issues in the telemetry stream?

Another option is the Swift Piksi that use separate radios, but it is far more expensive.

Are there other options available that integrate fairly easily?


Mike, the RTCM3 messages are fairly lightweight. I haven’t had any bandwidth issues with telemetry using the Reach. Emlid does recommend that you configure the telemetry radios in raw mode to reduce the bandwidth. (I’ve even used the larger u-blox message format as well without any issues.)