I’m new here and got a pixhawk for a Skywalker.

I’ve got the EzUHF from immersionRc and I’m not able to see the RSSI on the mission planner. Is it expected to work?

RSSI is set on CH8 in RSSI (EzUHF side) and on Mission Planner / PixHawk on pin 103 at 5v.

Any help would be appreciated.

Just fixed the issue after some search.

PixHawk is set to use the SB for RSSI - so enable on parameters. ( not sure if needed)
EZUHF is set to LINK, not RSSI for Channel 8.
Now, the Mission Planner won’t display the RSSI. ( not sure why…)

But, the MinimOSD Will.

For the MinimOSD, I had to use a firmware 2.4r781 for plane.
Located here: …

This is the thread: … 1#comments

It might have more recente firmwares, but I didn’t tried.

Once updated by the tool given on the zip file, select RSSI on Chanel 8, not on RSSI.
You should now be able to see the RSSI values.
Follow the doc to config the RAW, Min and Max value.
For me, with Taranis and EzUHF module for the Taranis and the 8ch ezufh (not the light), my max value is 1792 and min is 1057.

After testing the OSD Will correctly show 0% when Off and 100% when ON. After messing with the signal, I see the RSSI value changing.