RSSI on Pixhawk

Hi Folks,

Is RSSI supported on Pixhawk in 3.2?

I’ve connected my rx OpenLRS output and tested that it’s outputting a voltage in the 0-3.3v range, I’ve moved the radio around and verified the output changes.

I’ve updated the config (RSSI_PIN = 103, RSSI_RANGE=3.3):

but I don’t see any changes in mission planner (it stays at 0):

am I missing something obvious?


Hi nicegrahm,

The problem is you are trying to display the wrong data field. The rssi you are displaying is for the local (connected to your laptop) telemetry radio, and remrssi is the remote telemetry radio.
The field you want to display is rxrssi. I don’t know if you have done it yet but you might also need a low pass filter.

Spot on - I checked rxrssi and it’s showing 99 when the radio is in the same room as my quad. Thanks!

I have a followup question…

even though I have a value on rxrssi now, in droneplanner 2 the singal field is 0% - is that using something different? Can I make it use the rxrssi value?

thanks again,