Rsc need lua feature to handle turbine heli

To manage turbine i made lua that input rsc out and manage turbine through another servo output.

But its not good.

I need to be able to manage rsc status through lua.

Rsc up time is limited to 127s and ideally I want to tell to rsc if turbine and rotor rpm is ok to take of or not. Turbine don’t take the same time each time to take nominal rotor rpm

There is a way to do that whith lua? By adding lua capability to manage rsc state ?

@kuspower I am not sure how to enable the code to do that with lua scripting. Another option would be to modify the RSC code to do exactly what you want, enable run up complete flag based on RPM rather than a timer. I’ve been waiting for someone to take that on. I’ll eventually get to it but not it time for 4.2. It would be a nice upgrade to the RSC code. Probably wouldn’t be too hard to do either. It would just need some logic to handle sensor failures but other than that, pretty straight forward.

Hello Bill it will be very nice to add rpm point to validate ready to take off flag and or be able to drive it from lua script. As you told it will be easy for devs to add this feature I hope it can be added to 4.2

It won’t happen for 4.2 unless I get some help. Heli devs are few and far between.

@bnsgeyer Is there a GITHub issue for this? If not would you make one with a description of what you think needs to be done?

Sound’s like something that could be ok for a new dev? If you gave the guidance on the conditions.

@hendjosh will do. Thanks

the actual lua scrip API not have acces to the rsc flag, but for example you have access to the arm disarm and prearm check flag. So its easy to block arming

I think Randy can do that easily

@kuspower I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to say. I really don’t like allowing lua script to override flags in the rotor speed controller. I would rather empower the rsc to make determine when the flight controller is ready for flight. This is a basic function that should be in there anyway.

Yes for sur it will be perfect to add rpm to enable rsc flag