RPM sensing from the ESC

Hi guys,
I the coming weeks I am planing to give life to my old Trex450 clone. I will change my servos to digital ones, change FC to Pixhack v3x and install a brand new Hobbywing Platinum 60A v4. I have a question about the ESC, as it seems that it has RPM sensor. Is it worth connecting it to the FC for, per example, dynamic notch filter or I shouldn’t bother and get an Align RPM sensor. Following this forum it seems to me that I should buy an RPM sensor, but I thought I should ask first.

If you are using the built-in governor of the ESC to control rotor speed, then you won’t need an RPM sensor. The ESC governors hold RPM very precisely and you can just set the harmonic notch statically (INS_HNTCH_REF = 0) to the rotor speed you set in the ESC.
If your ESC does not have a governor then yes it is a good idea to have an RPM sensor and set the harmonic notch dynamically.


The Platinum Pro ESC I bought has the governor, that’s the main reason I bought it, as the currently installed one doesn’t have it.
If I understood you right, the static notch filter will be enough?

No, you would still use the harmonic notch (INS_HNtCH_ENABLE) but you wouldn’t use dynamic tracking feature. You would set the REF parameter as I indicated in my previous post.

I see, will need to revisit the docs again. :blush:
Thanks Bill!

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If you already have sensor, it will be good to connect it to check the rotor/motor behavior.
I found that my “governor” mode is not consistent, could not hear it or find it in other way.

I don’t have it right now it’s still on my shoping list.
This is my first ESC with governor, so it’s all unexplored land for me.
Thanks for the advice anyway.