Rover wiki learning mode

I have been getting a rover working using the APM system, and first let me say what a great system it is!

I have been reading the wiki a lot, and would like to make a suggestion for additional information, I looked and looked and finally figured this out by reading the source code.

The page is here:

I would suggest the following (I put the additions in red for your judgement, feel free to edit as desired).

[size=150]Option 1: Learning mode[/size]
The easiest way to program missions is to put your rover into the Learning Mode with the mode switch, then drive around manually and flick the CH7 toggle every place where you want the autopilot to record a waypoint.

(Make sure you have GPS lock–solid blue LED on APM–before you do this).

[color=#FF0080]The waypoints will be added to the end of the current mission stored in the rover. You can erase the mission stored in the rover by toggling the CH7 switch while in Manual mode.[/color]

Once you’re done, you can switch into Auto mode and the rover should retrace your steps, hitting all the waypoints you recorded.

If you’re connected to the Mission Planner, you can click “Read WPs” on the Flight Planner screen and it will show the recorded waypoints on a map.

Thanks very much - that looks like a useful addition. I’ve reformatted it slightly and submitted to the Wiki approver (after which the modifications will go live).

Have you considered becoming a wiki editor yourself? If so, you can email me hamish at 3DRobotics dot com and I can get you set up. Note, you can’t break anything on the wiki because all changes are moderated :slight_smile:


The updated version is now public, so I am closing this. Thanks again Michael!