Rover Reverse Thrust in simulation

hi everyboDY. is it possible to simulate reverse trhust in the simulation?

Driving in reverse is no problem. Manually with a joystick or in Auto in a Mission.

hey Dave, thank you for your answer.
I don’t get your reply: I know that there is no problem in driving in reverse, but I can’t do it in SITL. I need to find a soultion in order to test my code.
Can you explain me how to drive in reverse in SITL?
thank you in advance

I would guess the skid steer model can do reversing, quite surprised the normal one cant. You can load with -f rover-skid

I meant there is no problem driving in reverse in SITL. I use my Transmitter as a Joystick. Below 1500us throttle it’s going backward.

ok, got it! thank you. di you set any particular parameter?

No. The default parameters for the SITL Rover vehicle works fine. I reset to default to make sure I didn’t have something configured.

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damn, you are right! I downloaded the new version of the software and it works!
thanks all.