Rough and ready sensor inputs

I am sure there are a number of elegant ways of cleanly getting external sensor data (e.g. external air temperature) into the data-flash logs and or mavlink streams by modifying the code and integrating things properly.

However, as a very quick and dirty “bodge” without having to delve into the core code. Has anyone managed to feed a single or multiple sensor data into a pixhawk/ardupilot, perhaps using an unused sensor message such that it gets stored in the data-flash logs and is visible on mavlink? Doesn’t matter what the field is called…

Just need to find a currently existing sensor input that won’t directly affect the flight control…

RSSI or Airspeed inputs come to mind. What is the sensor protocol?

Good shout on those. I assume airspeed is functional in arducopter but wouldn’t actually effect flight dynamics?

I believe the sensor is i2C but there are others out there if its easier.

Yea, I was thinking analog airspeed but that’s in Plane. Analog RSSI is 0-3.3V