Rotating Magnetometer calibration

Rotating Magnetometer calibration via web interface has anyone been able to get this to work ?
I tried to get it to work , but no progress bar shows and I never get any indication that calibration was successful or failed . Other calibrations seemed to work so I just did a combined calibration in the end . Some one doing a video showing how to do this would be awesome.

Once you have started the process, hold the Skyviper out in front of you in your right hand and the rotate your wrist in every way possible while holding your forearm steady, Then transfer the Skyviper to your left hand and do the same thing with your left wrist. You will see movement on the progress bar. The motion should be more of a rolling motion than a spinning motion. Depending on your flexibility, it may require an overhead repeat of the same motion. If the bar does not succeed in reaching the right side of the box, you might consider hiring a Lotus Dancer to perform the manuever. When the bar gets to the end, you should get a Pass/Fail message above the bar.