Roll reversed in flight but correct in mission planner!?


Am sure i’m being dumb but I have a hex that someone else made. I bound my taranis and Radio cal all looks good - all channels do what I expect correctly at least visually in mission planner. But- on flying it the roll is reversed!?!?!

I don’t even know where to begin looking…!?

  • Motor order is correct
  • Accelerometers and compass calibrate fine
  • I tried setting AHRS_ORIENTATION to 180 yaw but then roll is correct and pitch is reversed
  • It even RTLs fine (discovery made thanks to unrecoverable disorientation during 1 of the test flights)

Just reverse the roll axis in your transmitter.

Thanks but if then it will come up reversed in radio cal…

So I get that that will most likely solve the issue in flight but it worries me that I don’t know the root cause…


I would not worry too much about what the radio calibration screen shows. Making the copter fly as it should is way more important. One thing you can check is, if the RC_IN channel for roll is reversed. I get you bought the copter used/preconfigured.
Perhaps there is something configured that needs to be reset.

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