Roll Pitch Control Problem

Hello there
I have been setting up the H frame quad with the APM2.5 board and had some
great first flight today , everything seems to be working well .
Then it all went pear shaped , it was like someone just erased the 2.5 board , I reflashed the board etc etc etc , and if anything the quad flew better than before ,much more stable almost hands off flight in stabilise mode , I sent on a few missions and tested RTL all worked well , then I noticed ROLL & PITCH where reversed ? ( moved stick to go forward it went left, moved stick left it went forward ) , it wasnt a problem as it was so stable and I have flown for many years .
I disconnected battery and reconnected and it was back to normal , flew again it was ok , flew again around the wrong way …
Have been using a OPTIC 6 radio without any problems for a long time , maybe I will try it with a different radio and see what happens …
Anyway anyone have a clue what may be causing this glitch , I have been looking most of the night and havnt found any mention of this problem …

Cheers oakflatsharry

hi, i have the same problem for the moment i don’t have solution also

It was in simple mode in flight mode the boxes was crossed , all working now.

How are you powering the board, brownouts can cause issues.