Roll overshoot

Roll overshoot

I’ve flown newly (re)build Skywalker X5 in loiter mode today and something strange happened.
Max roll angle is set to 35deg, but plane went above 50deg.
I realized loiter radius was set to 60m, but plane initially made a turn half of that. Looks like it is loitering around position when loiter mode was activated, so it starts loitering from center of circle and not from the edge as I was expecting.
It also looks like it is ignoring max roll values in loiter mode.
Has anyone tried to put something like 1m? What would happen?
Just in case I’ll put loiter radius back to 90m…

I’m not sure if this is normal behavior and Pixhawk prioritize loiter radius over max roll angle or my parameters are off…

Here is flight log:
and previous flight with autotune:

Pixhawk clone
3dr radio
3dr motor (blue) 850KV
10x4.7 SF prop
3dr ESC 20A SimonK
4000 mAh 3S
weight 1100g

It looks to me like you’re on the right track with ArduPlane prioritizing radius and not obeying roll limit.