ROI Restrictions?, Auto Mode Question


I just finished bulding my first hexacopter with APM2.6 and I love the platform.
I started flying waypoint missions and everything works as expected.

What i want to do is fly at the edges of a rectangular area, filming it with an attached camera.
I used ROI to point my copter (and the attached cam) to the middle of the area but i want it to not turn while flying along a side of the area.

My solution was to create ROIs inside the area on the corners and then set a ROI very far away to create the illusion:
MissionPlanner file

Unfortunately i don’t have Logs of the flight as i’m new to the topic. I thought you might have an idea anyways.
My problem is that the copter will always point back to the ROI 2. It correctly points at 7,20,28 and 42 but after flying the curve it will always point back in the direction of ROI 2.

Is there a restriction on how far the ROI can be away?
Is there a better way to keep the copter pointed ~90° related to the side he is flying along ?

I have a gimbal attached and control its pitch via channel 7. I would like to keep control over that pitch during AUTO mode. Is there a way?

Thanks in advance

you can switch ROI off again as desired by using the DO_SET_ROI command but with zero for lat/lon and alt.

condition_yaw should be able to set your desired heading rather than trying to get RIO to do it. I haven’t played with that one though.

If i turn ROI of the copter will turn in flight direction again.
Condition Jaw CCW 90° should solve my problem here - thanks for the hint.

Do you have any idea if ROIs cannot be far away ? I had a second flight with a completely different path and a far away ROI. Again the copter seemed to turn to the first set ROI again.