ROI altitude higher than aircraft altitude?

I have ROI with an altitude higher than the aircraft altitude. The gimbal is limited to level to -90 degrees down (it can’t pitch up). Will AC just peg the gimbal at it’s highest angle (level in this case) until the aircraft climbs to and above the ROI altitude?

That is what I desire the behavior to be. I’m planning a mission that has the aircraft gaining altitude as it approaches a mountain. The ROI is the mountain peak. So I want the gimbal to remain level as it climbs past the cliff face, then as the peak is revealed, the gimbal will start pitching down to keep looking at the ROI on the peak.

Might be out of date but you can give this a try:

Maybe a waypoint set just right before the ROI commandthat is 100-200m out from the peak to reach the peak altitude before approach?
Mountain? 500m out?