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RNGFND1_OFFSET not working for PWM and I2C LidarLite

I have a PulsedLight LidarLite V2 connected via PWM and I2C. In both cases, the parameter RNGFND1_OFFSET appears to be ignored with AC 4.0.0 and AC 4.0.1 RC2. It works well with AC 3.6.x NuttX versions.
I had opened an issue already for my PWM connection here but it seems also a problem with I2C as well.


Thanks for the report. I’ve confirmed this is a real regression from Copter-3.6.x so hopefully we will get this resolved and rolled out in a point release in the near future. I’ve added it to the Copter-4.0 issues list so it won’t be forgotten. I’ve also posted this comment on the issue you’ve raised, thanks!

At first look it’s not a difficult issue to resolve although we should also make this parameter apply to all the various rangefinder drivers - at the moment it’s strangely only used by the analog and PWM drivers.

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Thanks for your great support!

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