RNGFND_FILT instead of the good old RNGFND_GAIN

Hello Everyone!

So we were using the 4.0.7 version on our spraying drone until today, when we updated to the 4.2.3 version. Our issue is that we worked a lot on terrrain following with the 4.0.7. including the tuning of smoothing filters, rolling average and rolling median within the Lightware application. But our most useful tool was the RNGFND_GAIN param, well until now, as we realised that from the 4.1 version it disappeared and was replaced by RNGFND_FILT. The problem is that we had a nearly perfect terrain following drone, it was working well in turns without any significant altitude changes, it hold the altitude perfectly after releasing the throttle from a fast lift, and it was still following hills good enough. Unfortunatelly with the new firmware it is almost unusable, if we fly at 4m/s at 5m Alt, and then stop, the drone descends 3 meters, it overshoots 2-5 meters after a fast lift, so it is flying like a dolphin swims. And we tried to set the RNGFND_FILT from 0-10, each time with a reboot as stated in one of rmackay9’s’s post, but it makes no substential difference. Is there a way to have the other than this amazing new firmware an still use RNGFND_GAIN? Or any other suggestion or help would be appriciated.