RM3100 works on latest rc?

Is the RM3100 working on latest 4.0 rc release?

For some unknown reason to us the 3100 probe has not been merged to master. If you would like a working latest master with the RM3100 i2c probe and driver PM me and I will send you an .apj file. Several of us have been flying the 3100 for months now and supplied logs but for some reason there is resistance in the line.

Cheers, RB

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Hello thanks for your answer. In your opinion is it better than chips used before?
@rmackay9 do you know if there s a technical reason for not having the probe for the rm3100 merged?

It probably just hasn’t got to the top of the list. I’ve tagged it for devcall to make it more visible

Great thanks, looking forward to try it.

I haven’t done any serious tests on the unit just operational comparisons on a rover and two muti-rotors with very solid performance improvement. I have the module mounted very close to the deck and 7cm from the pdb and it calibrates with very low offsets and spot on accuracies in all flight conditions. @zyromskij has done significant testing as they are in prototype with their own module.

Thanks for your testing experience, if i understand correctly it is a vast improvement vs what we use today. On my last applcation i need a better mag than the one i am using now so i think rm3100 will be the way i’ll go once it is released in 4.0. My other option is a double f9p gps for heading but i’d rather avoid it.

Just giving my voice on having the RM3100 support finalized on higher importance.
I have tested that sensor on some “random” build, and with that there was a significant improvement in my opinion, compared to compass on HERE2, especially on wide temperature ranges (-20 to 30C).

RM3100 is now merged to latest master.


Great to know, looking forward to test it!!

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