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RM3100 not working

(Julian Żyromski) #1

I wanted to test the new magnetometer RM3100 from Drotek. I’ve read all the threads about it and as far as I understand it should work with 3.7-dev - unfortunately I can’t get it to work, moreover there is no RM3100 checkbox in COMPASS-TYPEMASK parameter.

Any ideas?

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(Amilcar Lucas) #2

The code is there but no board probes for it. You need to add it to the list of probed compasses and recompile.

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(Khancyr) #3

you can use to have the RM3100 working. You will need to rebase thus.

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(Julian Żyromski) #4

Ok thank You - took me a while to understand the whole process :wink: What are the chances of merging this driver+probing with the next stable release ?