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RFDesign TXMOD v2 with Yaapu script on FrSky Q7

I have a RFD868x and a RFD868x-TXMOD v2, both running firmware 3.38, and the ESP32 on the TXMOD is running 1.46

In the air I have an F7-based flight controller running Arducopter 4.1.0-rc1 connected via telem2 to the RFD868x. The RDF868x also provide SBUS data to the rcin input of the autopilot. RC_PROTOCOL=8

On the ground I have an FrSky Q7 OpenTx 2.3.10 with running Yaapu7 version 1.9.5-beta1
Also using SBUS to communicate with the RC transmitter (10ms frames)

Air rate 200Kbit/s, Mavlink2 and 256bit encryption. It works great so far.

Many thanks to Yaapu and RFDesign!

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