RFD900x with Bluetooth and PPM Pass through, how to retain USB functionality

I have finally figured out how to setup the RFD900x with an R-XSR running the PPM pass through. I now do not need individual RC receivers for each UAV and simply need to have an RFD900x on each or at least swap it between platforms. @thatsnailguy in this topic made a nice simple diagram of the setup. Telemetry with PPM?
I have also hooked my ground radio unit to a HC-06 Bluetooth module trying to keep everything cordless and mobile. I then built a nice 3d printed box to house all the electronics and included an XT-60 connector for power hooked to a 5v BEC, but I realize that it would be a pain to have to take the case apart each time I wanted to hook up the radio using USB to change firmware and the likes. My main question is would it be possible to have the Bluetooth and a adapter that would allow USB connection (does not need to be simultaneously)? I would like to just attach a panel mounted USB C or micro USB so that it could be mounted to the case and if needed just plug in a USB from there to the PC, how would one wire in a usb connection that would also retain the Bluetooth functionality?

Rough design of the Telemetry and RC Box.