RFD900X radio keep on "breaking"

Hi guys
I’m using RFD900 for telemetry. I don’t know why but they keep deteriorating after a few months of use. My GCS RFD uses both antennas. The rover module uses 1 antenna, and I use the RFD tool to configure the rover setting to only one antenna port. I’m NOT on the default netID channel of 25, and I’m certain no one around me is using a 900mhz radio.

The problem I’m observing is that the radios would connect as normal, but the sig strength on the top right of the HUD hovers around 50-70% while I’m standing next to the aircraft.

Does anyone else have experience with this problem?

How are your RFD modules powered on the aircraft?

It’s powered from the servo rail, which is supplied by a BEC. It’s not powered from the serial port.

Sounds good. Do you always power on with antennae on?

The antennas are passive on both the GCS and rover. There’s no amplifier between the antenna and the radio’s coax port. (I hope I understood your question correctly)

Hmm, those are the main two issues I can think of. Might want to start a support ticked with the RFDesign folks.

I had a similar experience where the radio started showing some out of band emissions (which interfered with other RF sensitive components onboard) after a couple of months of use. My guess was that at some stage I must have powered it without having the antennas connected causing the power to reflect back and damage the RF circuitry…