Reverse thrust on manual landing

Hey guys,

I just learn about the reverse thrust auto landing a couple of month ago and it’s pretty cool, I think the only liner using that in flight was the Concorde. BTW I am a beginner about Arduplane.

But what happen if I want to do a manual landing? I would love to see some kind of FBWA+, where I can put the throttle stick at middle position and adjust desired airspeed via a knob on my RC controller or on MP. A bit like what you can find on FADEC equipped small planes, private jets or liners

So during landing I could manually select VS + 3-4 m/s, with reverse or no reverse thrust automatically trying to keep that speed, and manually lower then shut the throttle during the pre-flare - flare situation

Is it possible? And is there any mode currently on 3.7 where I can manually select and lock my desired airspeed other than cruise, FBW min and FBW max?