Reverse Thrust - Basic Setup

I am setting up reverse thrust with BL_Heli32 compatible ESC configured to bidirectional mode. USE_REV_THRUST value is 2 (Autolandings only) and RC3_Trim value at 1500.

In Manual Mode now my transmitter is acting as following:

Centre Stick -> 0% Throttle
Full Stick -> 100% Forward Throttle
Zero Stick -> 100% Reverse Throttle

Can anyone with experience of reverse throttle setup share basic setup instructions so that I don’t get any reverse throttle on sticks in manual mode.

Can’t you just set up your transmitter with 1500 as the min and 2000 as the max?

This is what I did later on, will check it in test flight?

“doh” good call, why didn’t I think of that.

The only downside that I can think of is if you don’t have your TX configured to uniquely identify the model. If another model (with a normal setup) can be picked up by the receiver, you’d have full reverse thrust at the bottom of the throttle travel. Conversely, you’d have half throttle on the “normal setup” model if it received throttle from this one.

The model bindings should prevent that, but it would be worth double checking to make sure you haven’t bound more than one model on this channel.

Probably not a concern in most cases, but I’m migrating to where I use the same binding channel for multiple models. I run dual links with one FRSky XSR RX in the plane and a 2nd FRSky RX in a groundstation that sends PPM to the plane over a 900 Mhz RFD900x link. Because there’s just one XSR in the ground station for multiple planes…I have to bind it on the same channel. Otherwise I’d need a separate groundstation for each plane.

Let me know how the reverse thrust works. I tried it about a year ago, but the BL Heli code didn’t work at that time (my motors would cog and fail to start when going thru the zero point). The BL Heli release notes indicate that problem should be resolved now.


You can also just make a mixer in your transmitter. When the flight mode switch is in manual you rescale the throttle channel to only have the range you want(1500-2000).