Reverse direction of all motor with Mission Planner

Dear Friends,
How we can reverse direction of all four motor of Quadcopter through Mission Planner.
Flight control - APM 2.8
First firmware was AC 3.1.5, in that firmware all moter direction was right, now I update firmware as AC 3.2.1, and I observed that all motor direction reversed . Is thare any solution directly with mission planner for all motor, rather than replace wire of motor for change direction.

I don’t think motor direction can be reversed via Mission Planner. I’ve never known it to be able to do this. Many ESC firmwares don’t even allow this either.

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Sir Many Thanks for your reply . . . .

Sir let me know, Can copter fly if all moter spin in reverse direction as give in following image of ardupilot documents.

Not really, as the direction determines in what direction the copter will Yaw when commanded. It will totally confuse the Auto Pilot when it tries to maintain the Yaw.


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Mike Sir,
You are currect, before to read your reply, I tested copter with all moter at opposite direction, copter was yowing tremendously and uncontrollable.
When I correct direction, copter fly very good.
Thanks for your reply.