Resume Mission Hangs up Mission Planner and takes random pics en route to mission

I’m using mission planner 1.3.56 and apmcopter 3.5.5

Resume Mission
This is in regards to the function of the Resume Mission button on the Actions Tab of the flight data page in mission planner.

Is anyone using the Resume Mission in the Actions tab of the Flight Data Page successfully?
I started a survey mission, before it was done changed to loiter mode, then in the actions menu, used the resume mission button to restart the mission nearer to the end point. Mission planner froze for a few seconds after sending this command. When mission planner eventually un-froze, the mission is now reloaded from the new start point I entered, the hex flies to this new start point and finishes the mission. It takes a few pictures on its way to the new start point. The apparent mission planner glitch and the random pictures are what concerns me. Any tips/fixes?

do you have a tlog of the issue?

Thanks for replying.

I did two missions where I saw this behaviour but at this point can only find 1 tlog.
here it is: