Restoring accelerometer calibration from file

I’m trying to restore accelerometer calibration from file. I followed instructions here, but I’m still getting “3D accel calibration needed” message after reboot:

Stay tuned, a function will be added in the future to make it easier to do what you are trying to do now.

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support here:

note that you can do this now like this:

  • load the parameters you want, and save them
  • set the devid and scale factor to zero for all accels
  • save those zero values
  • reload your parameters again and save
  • reboot

this will be simplified with a new button in MissionPlanner soon

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Scale factor! I was missing that step.

note that scale factor is only needed if the scale factor you are trying to restore is exactly 1.0.

This got into master today. So version 4.1.0-dev supports this now!

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Is this available in the new 4.1?

Sorry, I meant for Copter 4.1

Yes, ArduCopter 4.1.1 stable is the official release and contains all the features of the previous -dev, -beta and -rc releases.