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RESOLVED - Pixhawk Lite - ChibbiOS version USB driver error in MP (fine with NuttX ver)

(Paul Atherton) #1

Just dug out my old fx61 which has a Pixhawk Lite FC installed (fmuv2 I believe). This had the older 3.8.5 NuttX firmware installed and connected to MP no probs (running in windows 10 VM under VMWare Fusion on my Mac). Then I did the upgrade to current beta release ChibiOS version (3.9.8 I think). On connecting to windows 10 It seems to connect (chimes), disconnect then re-connect after plugging in the USB cable. Then I get a driver error and no com port shown in Device Manager. I managed to get it connected to my mac and installed the latest release NuttX version of arduplane using QGC, and this is recognised correctly in Win10, connecting in MP just fine (com port recognised as “PX4 FMU…”). So I installed ChibiOS version once again in MP, and again the same issue with the driver so can’t connect - again no com port appears after the driver error. Connecting fine under QGC on the mac - so once again back to NuttX version.

Anyone shed any light on this please?

(Marc Dornan) #2

Just in case it matters – my Pixhawk Lite is running Chibios Arduplane fine. I did have to make three attempts to upgrade to the latest firmware though and it was related to serial ports. It kept failing at the point of flashing. Finally worked.

(Paul Atherton) #3

Marc, Thanks for the reply. Mine must have upgraded Ok though as I could connect to it from QGC on the Mac without issues. It was just the driver issue in Windows. I have left it with NuttX version installed and connecting fine to MP on Win10. Would be interested to know what driver is showing on the serial port once you connect usb cable to your Pixhawk Lite. I did at one point have a serial port appear in windows but couldn’t connect MP still. It was showing “Legacy FMU”. I managed to switch the driver to “PX4 FMU” but still couldn’t connect.

(Paul Atherton) #4

On Googling the driver error “The connection for the USB device ‘STMicroelectronics fmuv2’ was unsuccessful.” I came across various VMWare reports. As I am running Win10 under Fusion on Mac its likely to do with this, but its strange how this is only specific to the Pixhawk Lite FC - I have several other F4 FCs running ChibiOS which connect just fine over USB to this same Win10 install. Its just this FMUv2 FC whixh is having the driver issue when it runs ChibiOS version only. I may try upgrading one of my multirotors which has Pixhawk v1 to latest ChibiOS version to see if this also has the issue.

Edit: Same issue on latest ChibiOS release of Copter running on Pixhawk v1 on my Hexacopter.

(Paul Atherton) #5

OK, Think I have found a solution:

When the ChibbiOS flashed Pixhawk FC boots (on connecting USB to power it) it connects first identifying itself to the Mac as: 3D Robotics PX4 BL FMU v2.x.
then this disconnects and is identified a second time as: STMicroelectronics fmuv2

With VMWare Fusion - when the Mac detects a new device, Fusion prompts asking if you want to connect the device to Mac or Windows VM. When it detects the Pixhawk the first time (I.e. as 3D Robotics PX4 BL FMU v2.x.), if I click ‘connect to windows’ at this prompt, then I get the failure I described before, even if I also click ‘connect to windows’ when the subsequent STMicroelectronics fmuv2 device is detected.

If instead, I do not click anything when the ‘3D Robotics PX4 BL FMU v2.x.’ device is detected, and wait for this message to disappear (I assume it connects this to the Mac as a default), and then when the second device is prompted, I click ‘connect to windows’ for this one, I get a com port and can connect Mission Planner successfully. So it looks like it is the bootloader driver which Fusion doesn’t like in Win10, where the regular driver works fine.

Hopefully this will help someone else.

(Marc Dornan) #6

Good to know.

In general though Mission Planner seems to have gone to the dogs with its port selection in just regular use, let alone flashing. I am close to giving up with it for this reason. I keep getting duplicate ports and conflicts with bluetooth on pretty much all devices I use. Not sure if this this is related or if it is strictly the fault of MP but QGC is much more stable.

I really do wonder if it us time to just separate configuration and mission planning functions and just have a purpose built cross-platform configurator.